Top 5 Things to Do in Ibiza

The word ‘Ibiza’ is associated with rich nightlife and colorful clubs nowadays. But it has been one of the most favorite spots for over 3,000 years! The location is strategically beneficial, which was the main reason people were drawn to the White Isle for such a long time. It was a great trading point, and now it’s a dream of thousands, with its shining lights and unforgettable vibe.

But we know there’s more than clubs and glamour here. That’s why we’ve created this small guide to show you the 5 best things to do on the island, from renting villas in Ibiza to diving into the history of the place with a local.

1: Go on a Tour with a Local

Hiring a local guide to find out everything you need to know about the island, visiting the most wonderful places. The hiking trails here are exceptionally magical, like nowhere else.

2: Rent a Luxurious Villa

One of the best recommendations from us is to consider renting one of the marvelous Ibiza luxury villas. They are located in the most beautiful places with sunsets you won’t ever forget. All luxury villas you can find have private swimming pool and breathtaking sea view all over Ibiza.

Coming back there every evening after a long day full of emotions is the best feeling. Plus, the services are incredible and all covid-19 cautions are followed for your safety.

3: Indulge in Sunset Paddleboarding

What’s better than a paddleboarding sesh during sunset in San Antonio bay and going to a local bar or beach party afterward? Start with the romance and finish with a crazy partay! 

After all, you don’t need experience to paddleboard and the journey is accompanied by safety boats.

4: Explore the Oldest Part of Ibiza

Dalt Vila, the oldest part of the island. It’s a perfect destination for people who like long walks on foot, because it’s the only way to move along its narrow streets. 

The town was founded in 650 BC. Don’t hesitate to go on tour, where you’ll hear everything about that time, invasions, and closer to the recent times when the hippies were influencing the world.

Visit the local museum that will guide you through the 3,000 years of local history.

5: Club All Night in Pacha

Now, as you’ve seen Ibiza from different sides, it’s time to party! Pacha is the original club the island has become famous for. The best DJs, celebs, VIP areas, and wonderful music under the iconic cherry logo.

You have to go there, even if not for long. This is an experience of a lifetime. Take a Disco Bus to go right there or try to reach the northern side of the harbor yourself.

Find out in advance whether any of the activities or even entrance to the island is allowed at the time of your planned trip. Rules seem to change every couple of months nowadays.

But technicalities aside, Ibiza is a vast and versatile place with an activity for everyone. You can combine all kinds of sights, active rest, wonderful sunsets, etc. in one journey. And coming back to a luxurious villa instead of a regular hotel room will make it even more special!


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