How to Plan the Best Crete Vacation

How to Plan the Best Crete Vacation

Hesitating what Medditerean island to choose for a getaway? Crete is more than perfect. Being the largest of all Greek islands, this land attracts visitors with a perfect climate throughout the year and spectacular nature. Stunning pink sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, green olive groves and rocky mountains will doubtless become landscapes of a lifetime.

Besides, Crete is famous for its culinary delights and the healthiest worldwide diet, not to mention its cultural heritage. All this put this island at the heart of touristic excitement, making it a red-hot vacation destination. Whether you are going to Crete first time or not, you will always have something to discover for yourself. So we have created a useful guide on planning your holidays to experience the Crete vibe to the fullest.

Visit Chania

This place is really iconic and combines two epochs at once. You can upon numerous Venetian architecture masterpieces as well as Cretan authentic buildings here. Chania is the second place large city after the capital and each tourist will doubtless find a pastime in their heart.

You can explore the city by narrow winding stone streets, go shopping in luxurious boutiques, take a horse-drawn carriage or make a photo shoot at the momentous mosque. The one thing you’d better not skip is visiting local restaurants. Chania is a famed gastronomic tourism spot. Going for waterfront dining, not only will you have the most delicious meals, especially seafood, but enjoy breathtaking views.

Rent a Villa

If you strive to feel the Greek life taste in full, renting one of the Crete villas is the perfect decision. Apart from the high privacy and comfort, you will get a totally personalized experience to your desires and wealth level.

Thinking villa holiday is only for rich men? This is not the case at all. Crete swarms with various affordable dwelling choices. Sometimes villa rental costs less than a standard room at a hotel.

Of course, the island is considered a top-notch vacation destination and luxury villas with private pool in Crete are just commonplace. But, if you aim more at attraction sightseeing and beaches raid, it makes no sense to rent such an accommodation. There are many small cute cozy villas at reasonable prices to book.

Escape to the Pink Beach

Elafonisi Beach rightfully heads the list of the most gorgeous and unique Cretan places. The mix of rose-colored sand and turquoise water will replenish your treasury of highly picturesque landscapes. Owing to the shallow depth, it is easy as pie to get to the small Elafonisi island. A tiny lighthouse houses here where you may luxuriate unobstructed Medditerean views from.

The beach itself offers different amenities like rentable sunbeds and umbrellas and a variety of water attractions. In case you want to run away from the crowds, nearby secluded coves are at your disposal.

Take a Trip to Knossos

It’s just a sin to be in Crete and miss the excursion to Knossos. Being an ancient Minoan empire capital and the oldest Europe city, its Bronze Age ruins can’t help but impress. To overview the majesty of rebuilt palaces, private apartments, villas, courtyards, tombs and more, you will need a few hours for sure. Let’s be honest, 15 EUR for entry is absolutely worth it.