Moray, a Whiskey Lover’s Paradise!

Moray, a Whiskey Lover’s Paradise!

As a whiskey lover, you might want to investigate the options in travel destinations that would specifically cater to your needs to explore not only your passion but also to cater to the lack of relaxation or even the demand for some adventure; therefore, reading many reviews on sites such as blue sea holidays reviews to understanding in a more straightforward way what the region of Moray has to offer and if you are interested in staying in one of their many cottages or manors, you might want to take a glance through further reviews and articles such as the ones on enjoy travel review, especially, if you require car rental or other added services to ensure the enjoyment of this picturesque little fishing town to understand in full what it has to offer all its visitors. Nonetheless, it is highly advised that you read multiple reviews before making your final travel arrangements. 

What Moray is known for

Moray is known for its beautiful coastlines, sighting of dolphins, especially from Chanonry Point, and various outdoor activities in its rural and picturesque woodlands. Firstly, you can do fantastic walks down the coastlines, such as the one on Kingston on Spey, which is 14 miles from the seaside promenade. In addition, these walks are not just limited to the sandy beach feeling. Still, with additional sea cliffs and quality rural living, it is a must-see for all tourists, especially for those whisky connoisseurs, as this region is rich in the culture of well-made and high-quality whisky brands throughout Scotland and globally, thus making it a mecca for all, hence, whether it is for a solo trip for some peace and relaxation, or a family adventure and a day or two out of the hustle and bustle with your four-legged friend, this region promises high calibre tourist attractions, adventure seeking factors and even some aspects needed by those who desire some time in nature. 

Things to do at Moray

When in Moray, you have so many wondrous options of things to do, from the adventurous, such as hitting the water in water rafts with family or friends, to just taking walks through coastline villages with the views of stunning beachline and dolphins coming through the high tides. For example, when looking at the water activities on the River Findhorn, where you can overcome the daunting Dragon’s Tooth and the Carnage Corner, it is recommended that you hold tight in these rapids; however, nothing can damper these excursions. Why stay over in an Eco Chalet for a more laid-back approach? And if you desire to do something with the kids in mind, why not do seashell hunting on its many beaches scattered with these treasures? Additionally, you can gasp in awe when visiting this small town’s castles with a guided tour of one, such as the Brodie Castle. 

What are the whisky attractions? 

Suppose you are visiting Moray for the attractions provided in the education of Moray’s rich history of Whisky production. In that case, it is advised that you take some footsteps throughout the Whisky & The Malt Whisky Trail, which features over eight distilleries, where seven of these are still operational today and range from the Glenlivet, Cardhu, and the Strathisla. In addition, next to these distilleries is the Speyside Cooperage, where whiskey casks are manufactured with traditional methods in mind. And by visiting this Cooperage with a VIP tour, the experts can educate you a little more about the technique used to do this and the intrinsical of malt. It must see by all whiskey lovers. Next is the Sandstone Ballindalloch Castle, established in the sixteenth century, with a newly established malt whiskey distillery and a tea room.

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